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Latest Software Maintenance Script: Making WSUS Suck Slightly Less

12/20/18 Update: Removed a check for WSUS cmdlets that prevented the script from working on 2008 R2 and the ReSyncUpdates from the WSUS standalone config file. 12/10/18 Update: Fixed a configuration file parsing problem and added licensing information for GPLv3. Note: When updating you will need to update any existing plugins as well. Despite a […]

So … You Want to Write a PowerShell Script

With the Olympics over, my MMSMOA¬†session drafts in, taxes done, and a thousand or so pages of classic sci-fi read it’s time to post something. My degree is software engineering and for a brief period of time I was a professional developer.¬† Instead of a profession it’s become more of a hobby that I enjoy […]

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