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Maintenance Windows: The Never Never Land of Patching

Maintenance Windows are a concept that can be tricky to fully grasp at first. I’m too lazy to even try to help you there so if you need some ‘splainin then I suggest you first head over to the docs and Jason Sandy’s excellent rundown. Before we get into it though I want to quickly […]

MMS JAZZ: Less Jazz Hands, More Fancy Jackets

Last week I attended my seventh MMS event. As usual I’ve given some thought to the experience and figured I’d write something up. Location Location Location One of the greatest parts of this year’s travelling MMS event was the location. There was just so much to do apart from MMS that an unprecedented number of […]

Pull Distribution Points: Great DPs or Greatest DPs?

One of the first arguments I ever had about ConfigMgr was around distribution points. The initial design drawn up included several secondary site servers all sitting right alongside our primary site server in our campus datacenter. The reason? As documented, each site can only support up to 250 ‘regular’ distribution points and we had nearly […]

Intune Patching Part II: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

In Part I of this pathetic little series I tried to cover enough of the technical details so that if you don’t currently patch your devices with Intune you could get a feel for it without actually having to do it. In Part II I want to get into the meat of the thing: can […]

Intune Patching Part 1: Human Translation

I helped implement Intune at work (Recast Software) which was a great opportunity to dig into the patching side of things. In this first part I’m going to try and cover the technical details and make sense of some of the docs. In the second part I’ll talk more about what I like, what I […]

PSA: New Update Product Categories for 1903 Release

Update: After doing a full-court press on this we were able to get Microsoft to address this officially. My thanks to Mary Jo Foley and Donna Ryan for help make that happen. Updating Windows 10, version 1903 using Configuration Manager or WSUS Apparently Microsoft isn’t ready to talk about this yet so I guess I […]

MMS 2019: What’d We Learn?

Le sigh. Another Midwest Management Summit has come and gone. These events have always been whirlwinds but this year I had ten sessions where I was speaking in some capacity. While I didn’t get to attend as many sessions as I may have liked I still came away with some really great information. To say […]

Making Sense of Win 10’s Quality Update Cadence

A couple of weeks ago I went through the history of how the cadence of Windows 10 Feature Updates has changed since Microsoft cooked up their initial cockamamie scheme. You can find that here: You’re getting SAAAAAAAC’d Last week people started asking me about various Windows 10 updates that weren’t showing up in their WSUS […]

Windows 10 Update Channels: You’re getting SAAAAAAAC’d

I’m going to shake it up here and do something totally crazy. I’m going to talk about operating systems for a moment. OSD is absolutely something in my wheel-house and I certainly have my own ways of doing things. However, I don’t really talk that much about it because there’s just so many freaking people […]

Servicing Stack Updates: What Is This Madness?

5/14/2019 Update: They did it AGAIN! In May 2019 the Cumulative Updates for Win 10 1607 (LTSC), Win 10 1803, Server 2016, and Server 2019 all require the Servicing Stack Updates released in the same month. 1/9/19 Update: The most recently released SSU (KB4486458) was given a distinctive title (2019-01 Servicing Stack Update for Windows […]

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